One-time-registration for UPSC
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One-time-registration for UPSC aspirants

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One-time-registration for UPSC aspirants

Multiple and repetitive data entry processes always consume a lot of time and energy, especially for students who frequently apply for The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams. 

In a welcoming move, the UPSC has brought in one-time registration for candidates appearing for UPSC exams, similar to those of the Kerala Public Service Commission (PSC). Filling up the same details each time while appearing for a UPSC related exam was not a very much welcoming task for the aspirants. Sometimes, you may have to face an internet shutdown or the process may take even longer when the net is down. This One-Time Registration (OTR) saves candidates from all these hassles. Similarly, around ten lakh candidates appear for various UPSC positions. 

The OTR platforms make the application process easier as 70% of their data will be automatically fed into the application form. 

How to Apply

Click on the

Under the ‘Apply Online’ option on the centre page, click on the ‘One Time Registration for Exams of UPSC

The link leads to a webpage and you can fill in the information on the online form

To complete the process, you can log in to the UPSC dashboard, using your mail id or phone number. 

When the process is completed, an OTR id will be sent to your mobile. Also, make sure that multiple OTRs are not sent to your mobile, because it may lead to the cancellation or rejection of your application. 

Once you enter this information, it will be stored on the webpage and you need not re-enter each time you apply for a UPSC post. Also, any documents such as mark sheets can be scanned and entered during the One-Time Registration and you need not worry about repeating the process each time!

Also, since it is a one-time registration, candidates may have the tendency to forget the password. But, do not do that! Keep a note of the password, because it is this password that you would be using while making an online application for job positions promoted by UPSC.  

Students should also be very cautious in entering the correct information, as one wrong data may be reflected in many applications. 

In India, there are around ten lakh candidates appearing for various UPSC positions and Absolute IAS Academy is one of the centres that provide training to students

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