When to start civil service training?
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When and how to start civil service training?

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When and how to start civil service training?

Civil service training can be started at any time. There is no special time for it. There are those who do it along with degree and there are those who do it after graduation. No matter where it is, very focused and attentive study is required. It is good to start training at the school level. General knowledge and the habit of reading newspapers are very necessary. What a coach needs is to read newspapers and watch TV channels and news channels. For that reading, the Hindu newspaper is very good. Follow Absolute’s current affairs channel on Telegram. It is good to have a channel called Sansad and DD News.

At least 15 months to 24 months and one and a quarter to two years is the only time to crack the civil service exam. It’s like a marathon race. The more time we spend on it, the more marathon we can run. It is essential to study in the best academy for civil service exam practice. Proper study methods and regular classes are very important for civil service exam practice. Absolute Academy is one of the best training institutes in this field. Absolute IAS Academy is a leading civil service training academy in Kerala with branches in Kozhikode, Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi. Training is conducted online and offline.

There is an idea that if you want to study civil services, you have to go to Delhi and study. It was only a myth. Today, many students from Kerala are coming to Indian Civil Services. In Delhi, children study in a very limited environment. Very narrow spaces. Children have very limited opportunities to interact with each other. In Kerala, that is not the case. You can interact with the teacher and fellow students.

Then, for a child who understands the plus and minus of this and goes ahead, the civil service study in Kerala is definitely given a very suitable environment, when in Kerala, if it is in Absolute IAS Academy, the people who have reached the UPSC interview in the civil service are teaching here and mentoring. They lost the civil service by a small margin. Because of that, they are likely to get civil service next time. They can guide them correctly.

There are many scholarships too. Scholarships are available from State Govt and Central Govt for students doing civil service training. Lakshya scholarship of Rs.1 lakh is from Kerala Govt. Next is the scholarship for OBC students.

If the minority group passes the preliminaries, they also get one lakh rupees as financial aid. Then if they win the scholarship exams conducted by the academies, they will also get the same. Absolute IAS Academy conducts scholarship exams every year. Moreover, there is Chitra Shalabham scheme for differently abled students. Through this scheme, Absolute provides an opportunity to study civil service training for free. Chitra Shalabham, a project run by Absolute IAS Academy, is the first project from the private sector in this field. Through this project, 100 differently-abled people are studying at Absolute IAS Academy. In this, there are visually impaired, deaf and people with disabilities like ortho and cerebral palsy. Those children have passed the preliminary main today and are reaching the interview soon. The batch started in 2020.

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