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Time Management: A key factor for UPSC exams

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Time Management: A key factor for UPSC exams

Managing one’s own time effectively is an important criterion while preparing for any competitive exam, especially true for candidates preparing for the UPSC and IAS exams, one of the toughest competitive exams in the world.

Statesman and Writer, Benjamin Franklin wisely said that “The lost time is never found again”. Everyone is entitled to 24 hours daily and the onus is on us how to productively use it, especially from someone who has set goals and ambitions. IAS preparation takes a minimum of one to one and a half years of study and students need to have long-term and short-term goals. Institutions like Absolute IAS Academy, one of the best UPSC training centers, and UPSC online coaching institutions in Thiruvananthapuram prepare their students and guide them on how to prepare in an organized manner, setting a scheduled timetable. The institution, which also provides IAS training in Malayalam also helps students to effectively manage time at the exam hall.

Make sure that you devote 6 to 8 hrs of study by starting your day by reading newspapers and current affairs, further which you can go concentrate on other subjects and read materials provided by your teachers at the coaching centre. Technology has made man’s life easier and so is for exam preparations. You can note down the main points in notepads or word documents so that it takes less time and it is easier for reference in the future, but make sure that you do not get distracted by social media sites as they can take away your time. Having a good time management system also can make you stress-free.

You can also adopt the Pomodoro time management technique developed in the 1980s by the then-university student Francesco Cirillo. This involves dividing work into 25 minutes sessions, before going for a short break of 5 minutes. You can take longer breaks after four consecutive 25 minutes sessions (with a 5-minute break). This helps in dividing larger portions into smaller tasks and studying more effectively.

During the last one of two months, attend regular mock tests and see if you can answer the questions within the set time framework

Managing time during exams

UPSC and IAS training centers will guide you in managing time for prelims and main exams. Read the question paper thoroughly, more than once and it is advisable to checkmark all the questions, once you have answered. Try to answer the well-known questions first and then move on to tougher ones.

There is a general tendency for students to devote more time to well-known questions. But that will make you lose time on the other end. So, keep a watch near you and make a mental calculation on how much time may be required for each answer and follow accordingly.

Through proper time discipline and management, the road to success becomes even easier!

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